How to Detect If Your Girlfriend Likes Another Guy

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Does she talk to anyone else besides you? – Does it seem like she spends more time with her girlfriends than with you? If she does have other relationships, they are very rarely spending time with you as much as they would be with someone new. This could mean that she doesn’t feel as close to you as she did when you first started dating and it could also mean that she feels more comfortable with her girlfriends.

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Does she confide in you more than she does with her friends? – Does she talk a lot more to you than she usually does to her friends? This is a common sign of how a woman feels towards you. A woman will be more open and honest with you than with her friends. This means that she’s more likely to share intimate details about her life with you.

Does she date only one guy? – Does your girlfriend seem to be falling in love with just one guy or is she willing to date a variety of guys? This is often a good sign that she’s not as into you as you are onto her. If she only dates one guy, that can mean that he isn’t the right one for her.

Does she spend a lot time away from home for no apparent reason? – Does she always seem to be out of town for no apparent reason? This could be a sign that she’s trying to impress a guy, and she may have to move in with him in order to do so. This could also mean that she’s not happy with her current relationship. She may have realized that she cannot make you happy the way she used to and she wants out.

Does she confide in you more than she does with her friends? – Do you always find yourself asking your girlfriend about her friends and their lives instead of her own? If this is the case, she is probably very attached to one of her friends. Your girlfriend likes another guy because he makes her life easier. It is more important to her than it is to you.

Has the conversation always turned awkward? – Have you ever found yourself having a conversation with your girlfriend where she turns the conversation into something else than what it was intended to be? If this has happened, it means that she thinks she doesn’t really know you that well and she would like some additional insight. If your girlfriend likes another guy, it is probably because of how much he can bring her into his life. She is drawn to him because of the closeness they create.

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